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Floating Market 4, Pattaya

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Floating Market 4, Pattaya

Floating Market 4, Pattaya, a new ecological tourist attractions in the heart of Pattaya. Created with the spirit of management to make this place a center of eco-tourism that simulates a simple Thai lifestyle. It is a traditional source of learning that is bound to the river from the past to the present. Including learning the folk wisdom of fascinated fascinated in four sectors of Thailand: North, Central, Northeast and South.

Here are four floating markets. Thai and foreign tourists will enjoy the beautiful scenery. Take a scenic boat ride along the river side with spectacular Thai teakwood furniture shops, created after the unique Thai style. Alongside the local cultural activity courtyard.

For all four sectors will vary according to the way each life. In the north, the products are carved wood, silverware, local fabrics, fine patterns, fine silk and paper umbrellas. Isan bag lingerie is distinguished in the group of silk products, silk mulberry silk, prairie candles, cushions and southern products are famous. Batik Coconut Boat Ships

Resolve the intention to make the four floating market is a place to learn how to live a sufficiency life. It is also the embodiment of a well-being culture. Whether it is living, eating, acting, trading and crafting. All that tells the story of prosperity. And the wisdom of the ancestors deserve care. The 4 Floating Market Project is the largest freshwater lagoon attraction in the East that will preserve the Thai way of life that is based on His Majesty the King’s work. Help create a good image for Pattaya. Include a positive attitude to visitors.